Written by KTC Executive Assistant, Jaimi Henderson.

Therapy on Demand. 24/7. Anytime, Anywhere.

What is KTC.tv?

KTC.tv is your direct access to a suite of easy-to-use and engaging therapy videos 24/7. Practice makes perfect and KTC.tv equips families, carers, teachers, support workers and allied health professionals with therapy videos to assist children with the critical early intervention and therapy practice necessary to maximise their potential.

KTC.tv is a subscription-based service that provides children aged 2-12 years old with weekly online therapy videos, anytime and anywhere. This new service does not aim to replace therapy for families already accessing it – it is a tool for children to put into practice what they are looking to master. Regardless of your location or social and economic circumstances, KTC.tv delivers every child access to their critical therapy needs.

Subscriptions start at $35/month or you can receive a 10% discount when you purchase an annual subscription for $378/year.

Click here to read through our How To Use page and start watching today!

Signing Up to KTC.tv can be done in 4 simple steps: 

1. Choose your subscription plan (month or annual)
2. Complete registration with child/parents details
3. Enter payment details for on-going billing
4. Start watching therapy videos

For any NDIS participants wanting to use their NDIS funding to access KTC.tv, we have a list of potential NDIS codes that will assist with obtaining access to your KTC.tv subscription. Please note, these codes are a reference only and we strongly suggest that you seek guidance from your NDIS support coordinator prior to finalising your subscription. You can find the list here

Explore KTC.tv today by visiting our website: www.ktc.tv